Stuff I edited for a friend’s “Happy Grad…” video. Opted for colorful-ish… we wanted to display his many facets :))

Of all the years I’ve been using photoshop, I’ve barely even scratched the surface. :|

Here, I did a lot of motion blurs & some collage stuff.. Used Lightroom as well (hecka-helpful dat software izzz ~). Haha ok anyway, just thought I’d upload the photos so I can keep track of my stuff. Later ~

A Before & After 

Just my sister peering out the window, admiring the greenery…

Driving to DC, 2012. "Aren’t those like the vintage cop cars?" - Little sister to dad. Haha.

Tried going for grainy lomo… Don’t think it turned out too well. Haha. Ohwellz ~

Changes! :3

Revamped minor stuff:

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Just a PSA so you guys don’t wonder who’s this ‘new’ person posting stuff on your feeds. Ehe. :3
Still my original photos, though. Just thought I’d tie in my photography (I’m really more comfortable calling them “snapshots”, hence the url) blog with my identifier here on tumblr, so as to prevent confusion and what not.. also, branding in the future… Someday, I will talk about this in my main blog
Well anyway! Hope you have a good day. And thank you again, for following. :)
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"Stress Buster"

When I was in over my head about stuff I had to do. Coz “Important” was going against Priority

{But what if the two are one and the same? What if a task is both important and urgent/top priority? What if SEVERAL tasks are of the same nature? … :/ My dad always reminds me, "Important thing are seldom urgent." - He means, if it’s really important, then you should be giving time and effort to do it. Not putting it to the last minute… and making it “urgent”. *Sigh… I’m still learning that principle. :/ #collegelifeprobs}

"Ohayou! ^_^" …My friend, the ever-curious Pam ;))